See Our Gem Colors

Our handmade glass memorial stones are available in over 20 gem colors. Your StarSeed stone can be unset, or we can set it within one of our cremation jewelry settings.

Your StarSeed Gemstone

Your loved one’s ashes will be specially coated before being fused in the glass. The ashes give off a faint glow, and will appear in darkness.

You may customize the shape and size of your StarSeed gem if you prefer an unset stone. All set gems are correctly sized to securely fit within our settings.

Memorial Stone Prices

The price for one unset gem is $100. After first the gem, any additional stones are $50 each. Finished jewelry prices include the cost of the gem, as well as the setting, shipping and insurance.

Would you like to see the colors in person?

We will lend you samples of StarSeed stones so you can decide which gemstone color you prefer. Visit our How to Order page for more information about samples and the ordering process.

Don’t want to wait for samples?

You can start looking at colors right now. The images below give examples of the gem colors. Written descriptions of the colors are coming soon.

Gemstone Colors

New options!
We are now offering dichroic glass representations of traditional birthstones.
Now, you can shop Starseed Stones by color or birth month.

Earth Colors

Sea and Sky Colors

Transparent Colors

Warm Colors

Neutral White Colors

Shop Starseed Stones by birth month:

You can order stones set in sterling silver or 10K gold settings. We also offer unset stones, and we can create custom shapes and sizes for you!

See How to Order for more information.

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