StarSeed Gems

Affordable Alternative to Cremation Diamonds Since 2009

StarSeed Gems is a family owned home-based glass studio specializing in handcrafted gems infused with cremation ashes. We also offer finished cremation jewelry in silver and gold.

Ashes are specially coated to absorb and release light, and are visible in darkness. They are permanently fused within art glass stones. Choose from over 20 beautiful gem colors and optional sterling or solid gold jewelry settings.

starseed gems, SINCE 2009

♦ Only pay when we are finished.
♦ Completion takes 2-8 weeks.
♦ Select from sterling silver and solid gold settings, or choose to have your stone unset.
♦ Shipping and insurance are always included.
♦ We will send you a free ash collection kit, a brochure, and some sample gemstones.

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Choose from sterling silver or 10K yellow, white, or rose gold.
See rings, pendants, and earrings. Our memorial jewelry settings securely hold StarSeed stones.

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Learn how to place your StarSeed Gems order.
We can send you a free package containing a brochure, kit, and samples.

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Select from a variety of over 20 gemstone colors.
Discover StarSeed memorial stone options and learn about pricing.

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We offer affordable alternatives to cremation diamonds.

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