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Ready to order?

Follow the directions below and we will start the process with you. Thank you for visiting StarSeed Gems today. We look forward to serving you.

Lynn and marion Cheney

Step 1
Email us at and tell us the names of a few samples you’d like to see. We’ll provide enough postage for you to PLEASE send them back to us! In your email, we will need your name, your mailing address for your free kit and samples. This is also the place to ask any questions you have, but check the FAQ section first, it might be there and you might not need to wait for your answer from us.

Step 2
When you’ve received your kit, place 1 tsp of powdery ashes into the pouch, fill out the order form, and send everything back to us in the pre-addressed and stamped mailer we’ll provide to you. We do not ask for any money up front, we’ll invoice you on PayPal or through the mail with photos. We’ll also accept a check at that time.

Step 3
Your jewelry can take 4 to 8 weeks, so we suggest you be ready for payment and shipment about 4 weeks from the date you mail the kit back. Feel free to check with us at starseeds@CFL.RR.COM for updates to your order. We ship the day payment is received using insured priority US mail, 2-3 days. There is no charge to you for shipping.

In a hurry and know exactly what you want to order?

You can shave up to two weeks off of the wait and $10 off your order by creating your own kit and sending it off to us! In a padded envelope, enclose a ziplock baggie with 1 tsp of powdery ashes along with the name of the person whose ashes are in the pouch, a description of what you want to order (don’t forget ring sizes and stone colors!), your mailing address, your email address, YOUR name and a phone number in case we have any questions as we make your order. $3.50 in postage will get it to us. $7.80 USPS Priority will get it to us in 2 days. International clients share 1/2 shipping costs of the order when completed. We also do everything we can to meet date deadlines for birthdays, memorial services, weddings, and holiday gifts. Feel free to just email and request the kit, though, if you aren’t in a hurry.

Marion Cheney

StarSeed Gems

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Please include “Starseed inquiry” in subject line.

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